Happy New Year!

Lago New Year Party 2010
New year's eve party at Lago

I hope you had a great new year's eve and wish you a happy and prosperous new year. Last year was year of discoveries for me. I discovered a new city (still have a lot to discover), new blogs, new ideas, new talents, new places, new groups, etc. I met a lot of great people both online and offline, which really eased our transition from Montreal, and I'd like to take the time to thank some fellow bloggers for their kind words, mentions and support, particularly:

- Maria Cook from Designing Ottawa
- Kelly from Design Ties
- Katharine from Girl About O-town
- David Reevely from Greater Ottawa
- The Ottawa Humane Society from Inside the OHS
- Andrew Reeves from LineBox Studio and Mini House
- Marcia B. from Marcia B.
- Matt Richling from Ottawa Real Estate Blog
- G from Ottawa Start
- Evan Thornton from Spacing Ottawa
- Eric Darwin from West Side Action
- Janis from White Alder [home]

I'd also like to acknowledge all the MOOT followers, readers and commentators which are an essential part of the growth of this blog, as well as the members of MOOT's flickr group. I'm looking forward to the good things the new year will bring. There's a lot of projects in the works for M2JL STUDIO and Modern Ottawa. Here's to more stimulating conversations online, more discoveries and more modern projects in Ottawa.


  1. Happy 2010 to you, Marie :-) And thanks for the shout-out -- I'm always excited when I find an Ottawa design blog :-) I've enjoyed reading your posts (both here and on M2JL::Studio), and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2010 :-)



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