Airport Design - Part 1

Airport logos top 10 countries capitals
Madrid airport (left), Frankfurt airport (right)

The airport very often gives the first impression of country to tourists. It's interesting to see how the look and organization of an airport speaks volumes for the culture of a country. During our trip last summer, we noticed quite a bit of difference between the airports in Ottawa, Frankfurt, Madrid and Ibiza and found that there was a link between the look of the airport and the way locals behaved. The choice of colors, pieces of furniture and signage all had a flavor of the country and the city (there was a noticeable difference between Madrid and Ibiza). So how do the capitals of the top 10 countries compare when it comes to the design of their airports?

I started by looking at the logos for each of the airports: What they use to represent themselves on paper. It's interesting to see that blue is the most popular color. Most cities chose a symbol that represented a plane or the movement of a plane. My favorite one is the logo for the airport in Paris : the Eiffel tower with wings. It's very creative and not as serious as the others. It has a very clear identity. you can't use it anywhere else.
Airport logos top 10 countries capitals
Logos for Oslo Airport, Canberra Airport, Reykjavík Airport, Ottawa/McDonald Cartier International Airport, Dublin Airport, Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, Paris Charles-de-Gaule Airport, Bern Belp Airport, Haneda Airport

Next, we'll take a look at some design elements in each of the airports.

source : MOOT | Wikipedia

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