Trends in Design : Night 1

Urban Capital Trends in Design 2010 Ottawa Lara Ceroni Fashion Trend Night 1
The first night of Trends in Design had a great turn out despite the rain, the crazy traffic and the construction mess on Sussex street. The night began with an introduction by David Wex of Urban Capital, then canada.com editor Lara Ceroni spoke about the fashion trends for fall 2010 and beyond, followed by a short fashion show by Schad + Shadbl├╝ with great music (I just wish the fashion show lasted a little longer).

Urban Capital Trends in Design 2010 Ottawa Lara Ceroni Fashion Trend Night 1
David Wex, who came up with the idea, is hoping to repeat this event on an annual basis and expand to other areas of design such as automobile design. I can see this taking off in Ottawa. Wouldn't it be cool if in a couple years from now well known experts from all over the world would come to discuss various design topics with the public here in Ottawa? I'm glad to see this happening in Ottawa.

Urban Capital Trends in Design 2010 Ottawa Lara Ceroni Fashion Trend Night 1

Lara Ceroni, the editor for ellecanada.com was fun to listen too and has a great sense of humor. The fashion trends this fall are Restraint, Cocooning, 50s Inspired Styling, Neo-Lady, Minimalism, Rebellion, Smart Shopping and Military. She showed some examples for each and explained what it entailed. The future of fashion and is likely to be centered around two main themes: The "Art of silence" and the "Flight of fancy". It was very interesting. There's still a chance to hear Lara's presentation in Toronto on the 20th of January if you missed the first one.
Urban Capital Trends in Design 2010 Ottawa Lara Ceroni Fashion Trend Night 1

At the end of the event, there was a neat little gift bag on our way out including the latest edition of Azure Magazine, the latest edition of Ottawa Shopping Magazine, a rebate letter from Schad + Shadbl├╝, a gift certificate to SAAB Salon Spa and a ticket to the upcoming gift show.
Urban Capital Trends in Design 2010 Ottawa Lara Ceroni Fashion Trend Night 1 Schad boutique

I also had a chance to chat with some people from Urban Capital and Central, a great bunch with great plans for the future. I'm looking forward to the next evening with George Dark, Head of Ottawa's Downtown Urban Design Strategy who will be talking about designing cities.

source: Urban Capital


Trends in design coming to Ottawa

Urban Capital trends in design lectures ottawa

I'm really excited about this! Urban Capital is organizing a series of interactive lectures to discuss the evolution of design. For the next couple of months a series of five lectures regarding design trends in the city building, architecture, fashion, interior design and industrial design will take place in Ottawa and Toronto.

The schedule for the five lectures are as followed:

NIGHT 1 | SEP 16 2010
Fashion Trends by Lara Ceroni, editor at ElleCanada.com

NIGHT 2 | OCT 28 2010
New Thinking in Designing Cities by George Dark, Partner at Urban Strategies Head

NIGHT 3 | NOV 25 2010
Where Industrial Design is Taking Us by Julian Goss, Program Chair of Industrial Design Department at the Ontario College of Art & Design

NIGHT 4 | JAN 27 2011
Architecture in Our New Century by Robert Claiborne, Design Lead at Cannon Design Lead Architect

NIGHT 5 | FEB 24 2011
Interior Design Thinks Small by Cecconi Simone, Partner at Cecconi Simone Interiors

The lectures are open to the public and tickets are available for purchase at Urban Capital and the proceed will go to support Philip Beesley’s Hylozoic Ground, Canada’s entry to the Venice Biennale 2010. Of course I have to go. I'm looking forward to see this.

The first lecture will take place at Shad Boutique (512 Sussex Drive) where senior editor Lara Ceroni for ElleCanada.com will talk about the trends in fashion and where it's going, followed by a Fall/Winter 2010 fashion show. It will be interesting to see if what's presented during the show follows the fashion trend forecast for fall/winter 2010-2011 as per Cosmoworlds. The four themes for the upcoming seasons are "Body performance", "Trady Twist","Rustic Root", "Dark Poetry".

Body Performance : A ballet dancer style express by skintone palettes with fleshy tones, plastery pastels ans talcy mauves with some tonic accents, luminous coral, and graphic contrast of black and white.
Cosmoworld fashion trend fall winter 2010/2011 Dark Poetry

Trady-Twist: The Retro English style of this theme is evoked by muted tones, luminous camel, greenish-blues, taupey-gray, rich burgundy. Add British cakes colors: cupcake pink, acid marmalade, electric anise, milky blueberry.
Cosmoworld fashion trend fall winter 2010/2011 Trady Twist

Rustic Roots: The range of green is omnipresent complete by two industrials colors: grayed and pinkish cement. A palette of autumn reds with different grape tones. The accent is on materials associating rusticity and refinement: compact or boiled wools, tweeded flannels, quilted linig and patches and sportswear fabrics like cotton/polyalide foamback.
Cosmoworld fashion trend fall winter 2010/2011 Rustic Rootd

Dark Poetry : A poetically nocturnal palettes with deep black, slate gray, inky blue and deep purple completed by flaming garnet, blushing pink and hallucinogenic green. Flashes of copper and gold.
Cosmoworld fashion trend fall winter 2010/2011 Dark Poetry

Images : Urban Capital | Cosmoworld


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