New Exhibition Centre in Ottawa

With the upcoming changes to Lansdowne park, the new site will no longer be appropriate for large exhibitions like the Home and Garden Show. Fortunately there's a new exhibition centre currently being built by The Shenkman Group, designed by David S McRobie Architects. The Capital Exhibition Centre is schedule to open at the beginning of the year and is located next to Ottawa’s Macdonald-Cartier International Airport.

The site is huge and because it's all on one floor it will be easy to bring in large items to the site like model homes. The building is also a candidate to LEED Silver certification.

Inside it looks pretty standard. I hope they use more interesting colors indoors. The color palette used on the picture (gray, beige and burgundy) is very old, conservative and uninspiring. Specially compared to the Palais de Congrès in Montreal, which is colorful, lively and fun. You can feel the energy when you enter the building and it puts you in a good mood. Color can do that. It would be neat if they would use a more current color palette to inspire visitors.


  1. Oh wow, great to hear about this on your blog! I definitely think that this venue could use some color and a modern twist like the Palais des Congrès, we need some excitement in our venues!

    I hope you come to the Posh Wedding Show, you can win tickets to the show on my blog!

  2. What's the use of a LEED building if it's paved over forest/greenspace and located a fair distance from the downtown core?



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