Mikaza Home showcasing student talents

Mikaza Home Ottawa

I finally had a chance to check out mikaza home a couple days ago. The name Mikaza comes from the names of its owners,Mirhan and Katia Zaroukiana, a husband and wife team who left their 9 to 5 job to start their own business. The store is a cute little place on Bank street specializing in modern furniture and accessories.

An interesting feature of the store is that they recently started to support local designers and are currently showing products made by local students.

Poetry by Olivia Bradateanu is a very interesting floating shelve that opens up at one end into four strings curving up in various directions as if the wind had picked up. This gives the shelve a light and airy feel.

Poetry shelve by Olivia BradateanMikaza Home Ottawa
Poetry shelve by Olivia BradateanMikaza Home Ottawa

I also like Reflection by Shirley Wong. It's an acrylic side table that can be customized. It consists of two overlapping transparent tables with a decorative sheet sandwiched between them. In this case the designer used an ANNO LJUV panel curtain from IKEA.

Reflection table byhirley Wong at Mikaza Home Ottawa

Mikaza is planning something big for next year, so stay tuned for more.
Mikaza Home Ottawa


  1. Thanks for posting about Mikaza Home. There don't seem to be many good home decor stores in Ottawa, so it's always great to learn about a store I haven't heard of.

    It's great that Mikaza supports local designers -- the Poetry shelf is really cool!! The Reflection table is pretty neat too.


  2. My pleasure. I'll keep posting on interesting stores as I find them.

  3. I was disappointed to learn that they sell knockoff imitations of designs that are not even licensed reproductions. Not sure how that ties in philosophically with supporting designers.

    1. I believe there are a few pieces that are from local designers, but for classics the price is usually a dead giveaway when it comes to imitations.

      There are some stores in Ottawa that sell the real pieces and will advertise as such. For example EQ3 recently joined forces with the likes of Herman Miller, and Vitra. The Eames Molded Plastic Chair goes from $339, while the knockoff called the Eiffel chair goes for $168


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