Bixi bikes are alive and well in Montreal. Ottawa? Not so much... not yet

Bixi bikes Montreal UQAM

On a recent short trip to Montreal, I got to see that the Bixi bike system seems to be working just fine. In fact I saw many people on St-Laurent street well into the night (past midnight), riding the city bikes downtown. Later that evening, I even saw a city truck loaded with bikes, bringing them back to empty stations.

Bixi bikes Montreal UQAM

Maria Cook from Designing Ottawa wrote that Ottawa had a trial run for a short while for a feasibility study and then took them away. I'm not much of a cyclist, but I think a program like this has Ottawa citizens written all over it. This little city is perfect for Bixies. In any case, Montrealers and tourists are enjoying bicycle rides in the city. There are even maps to let people know where the Bixi stations are and they also have a well organized website with all the information you need.

Bixi bikes Montreal UQAM

So while Ottawa is studying the matter, the city of Montreal already has contracts to export their bikes to London (England) and Boston.

Oh and that great building in the background? That's the UQAM, one of Montreal's university. I just love the design of that building.

100 Sherbrooke UQUAM 100 Sherbrooke UQAM 100 Sherbrooke UQAM


  1. I read that the Ottawa trial was deemed a success and is supposed to be expanded next year.

  2. Let's cross our fingers. I think this would be a great thing for Ottawa and a great attraction for tourists


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