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ModBox is a boutique property development company focusing on building modern residences in select Ottawa neighbourhoods. The brainchild of modern architectural firm Linebox Studio and builder The Lake Partnership, this joint venture is currently working on a new loft-style condos in Mechanicsville called Mechanicsville Lofts.

Modern Ottawa Blog | Modbox loft-style home Linebox Studio Lake Partneship Inc

This building project is their response to the lack of hard lofts in the city of Ottawa. Though their project is not an actual loft conversion from an existing industrial building, it said to include "five main features that define a true hard loft; high ceilings, open spaces, exposed building materials, large windows and an urban location" with the added benefit of comfort and energy efficiency. 

This will definitely upgrade the current look of this area which, in my opinion, looks old and not very  practical for modern living. You can see from the screen captures from Google Street-view what will surround the new building.  

I'm not a big fan of the little houses like the one on the right of the new building below. Let's hope this  new project will encourage more updates in that area. 

Looking through the specifications and floor plans currently available online, there are definitely some key features that give this building a true loft feel : 11 foot ceilings, 1200 square foot open spaces, polished concrete floors with radiant heat, exposed timber columns and beams, floor to ceiling windows, a small scale building (only four floors and 6 units) and a private elevator accessing each unit directly. This is pretty much as close as you can get to a modern hard loft in Ottawa right now.

The ground floor features a large open space that includes a garbage/recycling area, a mail room and two lobbies (one in the front and one in the back), as well as a ground floor unit. I assume the stone gardens will be spectacular, based on Linebox studio's previous work. 

It's unfortunate that the back of the building is used for five cars when there are six units. I personally would have opted for common enclosed backyard and an underground parking instead. That way, each unit would have a parking spot and there would also be space for extra storage (bikes, winter tires and other seasonal items), and visitor parking.

Although, some consider Mechanicsville to be an "urban area" in Ottawa, it's not quite there yet. Residents will greatly benefit from a car to do their grocery shopping and to got out to pubs, movies, restaurants, etc., especially in the winter. The building is mostly be surrounded by houses, a church and a park. 

The proposed layouts on the floor plans look nice. My favorite is the penthouse (of course!), with the extra private deck and green roof. 

The residents will also have access to a common rooftop terrace, perfect for parties and gatherings. 

All in all, it's a great upgrade for the area. 

Source : ModBox


  1. I love the designs and the loft-like feel. I wish that there were more buildings with this aesthetic in Otttawa. As for the parking, I'd like to see it underground with 3 parking spaces available per unit. (His car, her car, summer car). Any extras not spoke for could be visitors' parking to keep the roadways clear, especially in the winter.

    1. Good point. The good thing is that it looks like these types of buildings are on the rise in Ottawa (finally!)

    2. Wow. Three vehicles per unit in a neighbourhood that is a 30 minute walk from the central business district, on an existing bus rapid transit line which in 6 years will be light rail transit and a three minute bike ride from riverside paths connecting to much of the city?

      That is astounding.

  2. Mechanicsville not urban? sounds like the opinion of someone who doesn't live there! Certainly the Ville is in the process of gentrifying (which might not actually be a good thing), and its current look may not appeal to everyone, but it is a neighbourhood that is easily accessible to shops, services, restaurants and bars on foot, even in the winter. And, the only way it's going to better serve its residents is by attracting people who aren't afraid to cross Scott St to enjoy the benefits of its surrounding neighbourhoods while investing in their own.

    1. Absolutely. It's not an urban area. It might become an urban area if people become more open to change and progress. But right now, it looks more like a suburban area with smaller older houses. To be urban it needs more restaurants, more shops, more parks, more public areas and for Scott to be more pedestrian-friendly. It should cater to a more diverse group of people of various age groups as well. It should make living there easy for everyone who lives there.

      And, people don't need to live there to see this, they just need a good set of references as to what a good urban area can be and to be able to see the what works and what doesn't work so well.

  3. Just to be clear. It's one (covered surface) parking space off the rear laneway for all units but (1). We feel this area is a prime example (why we decided to build here) of a "real" walkable neighbourhood but alos allowed for a covered parking space as the car is a fact of reality. People purchasing these lofts would enjoy the fact that they are located within;

    -1.8min to the market on the future Light Rail (major station metres away)
    -2km of pubs, a outdoor market, groceries, coffee shops, theatres, bars, flower shops and all that is urban
    -Less then 100m from a major park, skating rink, bike/running paths and sport fields.

    This being said we didn't feel an underground garage to allow for three parking spots per unit was intelligent on any level and or felt that or target market would require them. Also note this area has a very high bedrock level so blasting into rock to create more parking is not feasible.(loft sale prices would go beyond affordable). Street parking is more then adequate and so are street parking passes.


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