What if Ottawa was a business ?

Modern Ottawa city business Ottawa inc.
Over the past three years that I’ve been living in Ottawa, I witnessed some successful and not so successful developments in the city, a lot of stagnation as well as a couple unfortunate declines. And although the nation’s capital has a couple good things going for it, I believe it is still (very much so) a diamond in the rough. It could be so much better if only more people were willing to put the required effort and work allowing it to flourish. 

This got me thinking : What if the city of Ottawa was run like a business? Imagine it was your business. How would you manage it? What would you change? What would you keep? How would you make it more competitive on the international level? What would be the its brand or signature product(s)? What would make Ottawa a better city for its citizens and its tourists? 

I’ve been a big fan of shows like Bar Rescue where business owners of poorly performing establishments are offered the services of an expert consultant and his team to turn their fortune around. After they evaluate the business, significant changes are implemented in order to turn it into a more profitable and successful establishment. I often feel like Ottawa could benefit from something like this, and of course I’ve got some ideas I’d like to share with you. So stay tuned for City Rescue - MOOT Edition. I’m also looking forward to read your thoughts on this.

Modern Ottawa city business Ottawa City Rescue.

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  1. I've said so repeatedly to everyone I meet; this city is stuck in 1990.
    The lifestyle, the dismal condos,the fashion and the vision.
    It could be Stockholm but it aims for Kanata.

    Yes, a team of architects, urbanists, urban artists and all-around-bons-vivants should be in charge for a year.
    It need to be whipped up into shape.

    p.s.: this blog is utterly lovely, I just wished you would post more often.

  2. All of us in charge for a year? That would be fantastic! Perhaps there's a way :)

    I wish I could post more often as well... so much to say, so little time. I'm working on it :) Thanks for your comment!

  3. This is a good topic. Don't know how I missed it.

    If Ottawa was a business its clientele would be seniors and it would sell jams, crafts, and quilts. At least that's what would be in the window. If you went through some of the back shelves you would find some trendy and cool stuff but you'd have to really dig through the merchandise. Then we would ask, "Why are all your cool stuff hidden in the back out of sight while your jams, crafts, and quilts are on display in the front window?" Then the store manager would say, "That's why we only attract babyboomers/seniors." So the store manager would make a big switch and bring their cool stuff to the front window and people start to visit the store in droves and it becomes a very vibrant place.

    Ottawa's brand is bad. It hasn't caught up to the growing fashion, film and culinary scenes, but it's improving. I've seen a lot of positive change since moving here two years ago.

    1. Thanks! Interesting points. I would also add that the store would need to replace its old shelves with bigger newer ones to add a more of the latest products and update their window display :) I like the idea of renewing the brand


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