After the UK, France recently started to install holograms to boost customer service in their Oslo airport. Talk about innovative! Sadly, I doubt this will happen anytime soon in Ottawa's airport. Still it's fun to see what other countries are up to, and perhaps also sad to see how for behind we really are...


  1. Oh wow this is really cool, wish we had this at yow! Thanks so much for the location suggestions, turned out to be perfect, can't wait to share the final photos soon! Thanks again! xoxxx

  2. Me too. No problem. I'm glad it worked out and that I could help. Looking forward to see the final photos :)

  3. Very cool, but I actually prefer announcements made by humans, rather than the exact same 'airport voice' that drones over and over...

    Also think its worth giving credit where credit is due, and Ottawa actually has a very very good airport for a city of its size. In fact, earlier this year YOW was named second best in North America, and best for customer service worldwide for airports that process 2-5 million passengers a year.

  4. I guess it's a question of preference. Mind you they use actual people to appear as a hologram so it wouldn't really be like listening to a robot ;). I have mentioned some of the features of the Ottawa airport in the past here and compared it to others around the world. It's not the worst airport, but in my opinion, it doesn't seem to match Canada's reputation in the world


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