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Design Trends Ottawa Urban capital

Last week I attended the second night of the Trends in Design series at the Central sale center. George Dark, a landscape architect and urban designer was the speaker for the night. There was a great turnout (I believe it was sold out) and the finger food was delicious!

Dark gave a lot of neat examples on how cities are evolving, discussing what people are doing and can do to improve our cities. One of the points to consider is who we're building the cities for. The rules have changed, people are not looking for the same thing as before. The younger generation tends to put location at the forefront of their needs as opposed to the size of their house. What I retained from the presentation is that a sense of community and a constant interaction with nature are very important factors for the future of cities. This was illustrated with the presentation of projects such as the somewhat controversial gumwall in Seattle. It's a little nasty (at least for me), but I get the point that it brings people together. In fact, one of the attendants told me about the mini Inukshuks project in Ottawa. She built one just for fun near the Ottawa river and when she came back there was a series of them.

Design Trends Ottawa Urban capital George Bark

Dark also showed neat examples of projects aimed to make the city greener. One of my favorites is the Guerilla Gardening project, which has been going on for 5 years in Toronto as a way to embellish the city and allow visual beauty to "bring the joy back". All in all it was a very inspiring presentation with great ideas.
Design Trends Ottawa Urban capital George Bark

The next presentation will be about Industrial Design by Julian Goss on November 25 in Ottawa. Stay tuned for more

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  1. Sounds like a great presentation :-)

    I love the stone sculptures and Inukshuks along the Ottawa River. I ride my bike along the river a lot in the summer, and I think there were more sculptures this summer than ever before :-)

    We should organize a flashmob in Ottawa!



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