MOOT Innovator : Modern Achitecture is for Fish too

Fishcondo by Teddy Luongat Umbra

I recently came across this really neat design while browsing through an Umbra catalog : the Fishcondo. Designed by Teddy Luong, a student from Carleton University, this "fish box" is the perfect addition in a modern home. I don't think it even matters whether you have a fish or not. It's a great sculptural piece on it's own. Made with a white ABS shell, Luong's awesome and affordable concept can also be stacked, thus enabling you to create various architectural arrangements.

Fishcondo by Teddy Luongat Umbra

Not surprisingly, this design won Umbra's "Build a Better" design competition. It is currently available at unica home and the San Fransico Museum of Modern Art Store

photos : Living with white | The Well-Appointed Catwalk

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