A major step back for Ottawa

Roche Bobois furniture

Ottawa recently lost an outstanding modern furniture store. Roche Bobois is an internationally renowned, beautiful and inspiring furniture store with very unique pieces. Their stores can be found all over the world in almost 40 different countries! The one in Ottawa was in a great spot in the Byward Market with parking all around it and a great store frontage. Now there's no sign of its existence. It's too bad, because the Ottawa location was the best looking one in Canada. I can't help but wonder "What is wrong with Ottawa?" Anyone knows what happened? Whatever the reason, it's a real shame. I wonder who's coming next. They're are already construction workers in the building.

Deserted Roche Bobois location in Ottawa,ON
Roche Bobois Byward Market Ottawa

Roche Bobois in Calgary,AB
Roche Bobois Calgary Alberta Canada

Roche Bobois in Laval, QC (newly opened)
Roche Bobois Laval Quebec Canada

Roche Bobois in Montreal,QC
Roche Bobois Montreal Quebec Canada

Roche Bobois in Quebec,QC
Roche Bobois Toronto Ontario Canada

Roche Bobois in Toronto,ON
Roche Bobois Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Roche Bobois in Vancouver,BC
Roche Bobois Vancouver British Columbia Canada


  1. Never saw or heard one ad print/radio/tv/internet for the store locally. I bet most people locally didn't even know the shop existed.

  2. Good point! Advertising is key for any business

  3. Wish I could remember the name of the store, but there's another furniture store that will be taking it's place - I saw ads for a store manager on kijiji a few weeks back.

  4. Update: The new furniture store that replaced Roche Bobois is called Urban Barn and is now open.

  5. Thanks for the update :) I blogged about the new store here .


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