Deadmau5 at Parliament Ultra Club


  1. damn i missed it! looks like it was amazing, wish i was going to tiesto in mtl! :(

  2. I have to admit I was impressed by the amount of people that showed up on a week night in Ottawa. It was my first time at Parliament. The club is t-i-n-y! LOL! I wish there was something like Club Opera in Montreal. Which reminds me I have to check it out before they close down :(... Maybe they could come to Ottawa!
    - Marie

  3. This is terrible to ask coming from me but where is Parliament Club? Do they have good acts there on a regular basis?

  4. It wasn't an easy place to find. It's located at 151 George Street, behind a parking lot between a homeless shelter (salvation army) and a pub (honest lawyer) on George Street... Go figure. From what I hear, it's worth it to go when there's a good act. I think they update their website on a regular basis.


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