Large Window MOOT Home in the Glebe

I spotted another great modern home in the Glebe. This one has extra large windows for maximum sunshine. I really like the horizontal wood strip and the black glass door and huge wall window next to it: Gorgeous! Looks like it's still a work in progress. I wonder what material they are going to use for the stairs. I find it interesting that they used traditional red bricks for a portion of the facing and the little wall in front of the stair. Perhaps it was to relate to the traditional house next to it.


  1. wow i never saw a place like this in ottawa?! I love it.

  2. This house is the work of John Donkin Architect Inc.


  3. Thanks Elie! John Donkin has a lot of great projects!

  4. wow this is really neat! I think I've seen this one if its in the Old Ottawa south area. I just love the big windows.

  5. Looks great to me
    it reflects the forward modern thinking of the people who live in this home
    Tom Sutton Hamilton Ontario

  6. Ottawa lacks massively in modern architecture. So nice to see a design like this one. I live on George st. now but this is the place I lived at in LA: www.dna11.com/house

    Loved that house!

  7. i documented this project for John in 2010, the interior is wonderful. You can see the images on my site http://peterfritz.ca


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