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I would like to share a very nice message I recently got from Katharine from GIRL ABOUT OTOWN, a fellow Ottawa blogger, showing off what Ottawa has to offer. Thanks again Katharine :)


This is just a quick note to let you know how happy I am to see your blog and your design business up and running here in Ottawa. It’s about time people like yourself got the discussion rolling about Ottawa’s lack of design thinking, particularly as it relates to our public spaces.

While I am more of a vintage living/decorative arts enthusiast than a modern design lover, I totally appreciate the need to bring design thinking and a strong vision to the table when conceiving of spaces – whether they be personal, professional or public. So, I congratulate you on launching your business, and your blog.

I’ve been writing girlaboutOtown for almost a year, and have really tried to focus on empowering people to think differently about life in Ottawa, and to highlight those who take risks and live creatively (or help others to do the same). I think sometimes we (collectively ) can be too complacent in our cushy life here Ottawa, and it just kills innovation, so I’m trying to celebrate the people who thrive in our lesser known “creative economy”. I do try to keep it a bit sassy and fun too, and occasionally, I write about more personal reflections. I guess that’s the beauty of a blog.

Anyway, I just really wanted you to know that you’ve added a lot to an important discussion that is long overdue. Welcome to the blogsphere, and good luck!


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