Back from Ibiza

View of the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea from Savannah Beach Club (Ibiza, Spain)

¡Hola! You might have noticed that I haven't posted for a while on MOOT. That's because my hubby and I went for a well deserved and long awaited vacation in Ibiza, Spain. It's a beautiful little island in the Mediterranean sea that is about half the size of the city of Ottawa with about 1/8th of its population. But although small, I found that this little island has a lot of style and great design inspirations and ideas that I think people in Ottawa would enjoy and might inspire Ottawans to use different design approaches. So soon, I'll be posting my findings both on MOOT and on the M2JL :: STUDIO Blog. I'll also eventually post pictures of some of the amazing sites we've discovered on my Flickr page, like the one above here taken from Savannah Beach Club. So stay tuned for more soon. ¡Hasta luego!

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  1. Beautiful picture!! Looking forward to seeing more pics from your trip :-)



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